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Usually, I don't go around sharing advises, but because you've been asking for feedback, here's what I think. My scoring exclusively refers to writing composition.

You have pretty solid composition (the base).
The "Only" thing you need to do is to replace every sound with serious real orchestral instruments, violins, timpani, trumpets, etc.. Also don't forget heavy metal guitars, power chords etc.
But, overall, this theme is little bit too much optimistic and positive for a Final Boss fight.
Yes it should sound epic/winning/positive but not constantly. You should add some dark/scary parts, mix positive and negative, after all it's a clash of positive and negative.

In the future, pay attention to the following.
For example, if the situation is mysterious, the music should sound mysterious, if the situation is aggressive, there is aggressive music, etc. So the point is to adapt the music to the situation. The type of situation dictates the emotion of the music.
This simple but very effective method has been used for centuries, from the theater to the film industry and today in video games. There is probably a professional term for this but I don't know because I'm a self-taught amateur musician. ;)

derp604 responds:

Thank you so much for this feedback!
I was thinking that it may not sound intense/dark enough to fit a boss battle while i was writing it so thank you for helping me make sure. Do you think this would still fit a bossfight or should it be repurposed for something else?

Good stuff, though, it lacks a bit of variety in melody.
Overall very good but short.
I believe, if you would devote more time in this it would be a great song.

A very solid piece.
I would prefer that you kept dark mode throughout the whole track, as in the beginning.
This is strictly my taste, I don't like changes from negative to positive.
I give you 4 stars for the begining of the track.

djt820 responds:

It's okay to smile! Thanks for the review! Check out my last track "People Die Alone". That shit is really negative.

No comment.
Previous commentator was right.
4 out of 5 for humor.


Nice composition.
You might add pizzicato section and some short melody somewhere.

But, sounding is somehow Dry and flat. It sound like a clean studio recording.
More reverberation, at least more on drums/timpani.
Also, Bass, Cello or whatever it is, needs to be little bit louder.
Violins in higher octaves are too sharp, lower the higher frequencies.

OpenLight responds:

Not sure what you mean by short melody. And I appreciate the review, but I think your speakers might have not done this song justice. There's reverb on everything and the bass and cello are both sufficiently loud. I can't raise the reverb or else it would muddy the mix and the cello and bass being louder would risk having them compete with the melody.

The mixing is meant to sound clean. I know a lot of music in this category leans hard on reverb, but as a violinist, I wanted the crispness of the samples to shine through. So thank you for the review! I think I'll keep things as is mixing wise, but I do appreciate your review.

Maybe it's not by my taste but i think there is too much Compression, too much pressure.
I instinctively blink every time when compression occurs, i don't like that ;)
But overall, mixing, sounding and production is great.
Pay attention on Music Fundamentals, it will help to understand the principles of composition.

Spline-1337 responds:

Thanks for the tips! I will surely keep in mind in future tracks!


Nice as a Background music for game Menu or in-game music.
Or for an Calming Intermezzo / Music Video of some beautiful Nature scenes.

5TanLey responds:

k .:)

Oh yeah!
Beginners Basics. I love it. ;)

iorilicea responds:

Thank you!

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